4 Top Rated Lake Nasser Cruises

4 Top Rated Lake Nasser Cruises

Lake Nasser cruises are just as enjoyable Nile River cruises. The ancient monuments that you can visit and explore during a lake cruise might not be as impressive as the sites you see during a Nile River cruise, but they are still magnificent. lake cruises also seem to provide a greater sense of tranquility. You will find less tourist boats on the lake, so, you are likely to bump into fewer tourists at the attractions you visit during your your cruise.


For visitors who have never experienced a cruise in Egypt, a Nile cruise would most likely be a better choice than a Lake Nasser cruise. If you have already been for a Nile cruise before and now you are in the mood for another cruise, a Lake Nasser cruise could be just what you are looking for. As with Nile cruises, lake cruises also include tons of sightseeing and the same sort of comfort and luxury. Here are the top 4 Lake Nasser Cruises:

1. 3-Night or 4-Night Sai Lake Nasser Cruise

One of the first things people notice when they see pictures of the Sai Lake Nasser cruiser is the massive difference in size between this boat and your average Nile River tourist boats. Another feature which makes the Sai stand out is that it has been made from timber rather than from steel. The owners of this lake Nasser cruiser had three main goals when they commissioned this vessel.

They wanted a boat with the mean give tourists an unforgettable cruise in this less frequented region of Egypt. They also wanted to showcase some spectacular monuments which many visitors never even hear about. Last but not least, they wanted a vessel that do as little harm to the environment as possible. To this end, virtually all on-board power is produced by solar panels. At this time, those looking to book a cruise can choose between a 4-day Lake Nasser cruise. 3-night cruises start in Aswan and end at Abu Simbel. 4-night cruises start at Abu Simbel and end in Aswan.

2. Omar El Khayam Lake Nasser Cruise

The The Omar El Khayam lake cruiser is part of the Steigenberger Hotels brand. It is about the same size as the large tourist boats one sees regularly on the Nile. when it comes to accommodation, the Omar El Khayam has 68 double cabins. It also has 8 Grand Suites and 4 Royal Suites. All accommodations include large sliding windows and their own private balconies.


Onboard facilities include a conference area; a pool, two sundecks with a whirlpool; a gift shop; a gym and a spa and massage area. Rooms and berths have the same sort of facilities that people would expect to enjoy in any 5-star hotel room.

3. 4-Day and 5-Day Nubian Sea Cruise on Lake Nasser

As with the two lake cruisers already discussed, the Nubian Sea is also a 5-Star cruise ship. It is a large tourist boat, similar in size to the Omar El Khayam. When you book a cruise on this vessel, you are essentially booking a room on a floating hotel that will take you on an incredible journey. The Nubian Sea really does offer a flawless and totally unforgettable cruise experience.

4. Prince Abbas Lake Nasser Cruise

The MS Prince Abbas cruise ship is owned by the Movenpick Hotels and Resorts group. Lake Nasser cruises on this vessel are usually only sold by travel specialists that place more importance on quality than they do on attempting to offer the cheapest cruises. Like other Movenpick owned cruise ships, the Prince Abbas has a variety of berths to suite different tastes and budgets. From luxury Presidential suites to more reasonably priced Deluxe births, a Lake Nasser cruise on the Prince Abbas can be as magical as you want it to be.


All 4 of the cruise vessels discussed above are all equally as luxurious. Apart from the Sai Lake Nasser cruiser, the other three are also very similar in size.

4-Day and 5-Day cruises are available on all four lake cruisers discussed in this article. The 4-day and 3-night itineraries all start at Abu Simbel and they end at Aswan. All the 5-day and 4-night itineraries start in Aswan and they end at Abu Simbel. Irrespective of which boat you opt for, your days on the lake will be days you will cherish forever.