How to Winterize Above Ground Pools

Properly winterizing your pool can prevent damage from freezing water,chemical imbalances,and other issues that may arise while your pool is closed. Although it may seem difficult,with a few simple supplies any above ground pool owner can do it themselves. Making sure you follow the proper steps and procedures will not only save you time and money,but also leave you with a clear blue pool to greet you when you reopen for summer.

Winterization kits are listed below:Chlorine Winterizing Kit â This is a full kit of chemicals to balance your pool’s water chemistry. It contains all the chemicals the professionals use including winterizer,rust remover,and more!Chlorine Free Winterizing Kit â This is a full kit just like the first,but contains no chlorine.Pool Winterizing Ball â This is a pool panacea. Just toss the ball in your pool and the custom blend of enzymes keeps your water clear and clean all winter.Keeping your water chemistry balanced is only half the battle. When water freezes it expands and this expansion can cause pools to crack and components to break.

You can protect all your equipment by following the steps below:Lower your water level below the skimmer’s mouth and make sure all the water is out of the throat of the skimmer. Alternatively,you can use a device known as an Aquador to regulate the flow of water in and out of the skimmer. This device will allow you to leave your pool’s water level up year round.Plug your pool’s return fitting (this is where the water returns to the pool).Disconnect your filter system’s hoses and drain them thoroughly.Drain your filter (there should be a plug on the bottom).Close your multiport valve and disconnect the pressure gauge.Remove your pool pump’s drain plug(s). After the pump drains,turn on the pump very briefly to make sure the whole system completely drains. Be careful doing this,though,as running an empty pump can burn out the pump very quickly. To best protect your pump,store it indoors for the winter.Your pool is almost ready for winter! All that is left is to cover your pool.

The best pool covers are solid,dark-colored ones as they keep both sunlight and debris out of your pool. We offer winter pool covers as well as safety pool covers for households with children and pets.

WarningsAbove ground pools require supervision just as any other pool. Do not let children play in them unattended.Some jurisdictions and insurance policy writers require a fence around your pool,but this is always a good idea.Do not ever dive or jump into an above ground pool.If the pool is set up on unlevel ground,the wall may collapse causing what is described as “catastrophic” failure.Little kids should be shielded from too abundant sun,and applying a high SPF waterproof sunscreen is recommended.